Hey everyone. My name is Lou Paris, and I have my hands in a lot of different projects.

I have been lucky enough over the years to have been a part of a number of businesses and organizations large and small. Below, I am going to do some quick dives into my current involvements and also take a quick tour down memory lane to show some of the places I have been at and things I have done.

cue logo

As the owner of Paris Creative I grew frustrated at the tools that were out there. I tried them all and none quite were what I needed as a business owner and I started to envision a better solution. By 2020 that vision became cue, an evolution in how to manage one’s events, and one’s business.¬†

Paris Creative

I started DJing in 1988 in high school and while the music changes with the times my passion for it does not wane. In 2012 I decided to take my headphones out from retirement and started Paris Creative, focusing on. providing uncommon Wedding DJ services in the Hudson Valley, and beyond.

KIC Chemicals Inc

After moving back to the Hudson Valley I took up a career opportunity at a local food distribution and manufacturing company KIC Chemicals, encompassing all aspects of IT, from virtualization, storage, VOIP, security, budgets, and strategy from my 25+ year career.

From mom and pop businesses to large government institutions like the FBI, DOJ, and USAID/OFDA, I have had some uncommon opportunities over my life. There have been numerous successes and failures that have helped shape what I am today. An entrepreneur, a technical support person, a person that cares for others. You can check out my full resume here.

I’ve adapted when the markets were shifting. I augmented when shortcomings were on the horizon. I adapted quickly when new opportunities presented themselves.

And I will continue on this path for as long as it’s humanly possible.

If you would like to reach out you can contact me at ltparis@gmail.com.

Lou Paris (South Park Icon)